Painting Show IMP 2010

3 Aug

Well at the weekend Sheffield Irregulars held their annual painting show. I was there to help organise and man the Irregular Magazine stand. Visitors came from all over the UK , all of which had one thing in common, the love of painting miniatures.

IMP 2010

The show included several workshops, which included painting rock with water soluble oils by Mike (dragonsreach), as well as a gore workshop and flora basing workshop, along with a more. There were also a number of participation games, which included an ECW game run by James, Wings of War, Songs of Blades and Heroes and Warmachine.

ECW Game

The painting competition saw a huge number of entries, and the standard this year was very high. Some of which were worthy of being considered golden demon standard.

A local patiserie La Perle, hosted the awards ceremony, and I was tempted by the array of cake this small restaurant bakes. They produce a plethora of outstanding cakes and cookies, if you’re in Sheffield it well worth popping in and tasting the excellent food on offer, even if it’s just to indulge in some cakey goodness.

Cobweb made with UHU glue by Barney (Breadhead)

There was also a speed painting competition won by George Perkins, who is also the belly flop world champion, not only can he flop like a demon it seems he can paint like one as well.

It was a great day, and I would recommend popping down to a gaming/modeling show just to be nosey and have a look round, at the metal goodness on sale, try a few participation games and generally have a great day. The next shows I going to be attending will include Euro Militaire, this time as a punter, though I will be at Derby Wargames show and Fiasco at Leeds Armouries with the Sheffield Irregulars, involved with workshops and demos.

Speed Painting

Will also be available on both occasions if anyone want a chat about Irregular Magazine.


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