A little of what I painted in 2012

11 Nov

In 2011 I did very little painting, especially in the later half and nearly quit the hobby, mainly due to the personnel problems I was going through, but going into 2012 things had changed on that front and slowly this year I’ve been painting more, though to the same amount as I did prior to 2011..I’m no longer painting armies at the moment, but painting individual miniatures and warbands. I have painted more 54mm miniatures this year and will continue to do so. This post will show off some of the items I managed to slap some paint onto during 2012.

I have a couple of the D&D board games, so I started to paint some of the plastic miniatures that came with them. I decided to painted the two trolls from Legend of Drizzit..These were painted up to a table top standard and I’m quite please with the outcome. Normally board game miniatures aren’t that great but these are of exceptional quality.

Two Trolls form a D&D board game

I’ve been painting a number of 54mm this year, all of which aren’t quite finished yet..One of which is the old GW Inquisitor Space Marine..these are really nice models, best to look on ebay for them as I’m not sure if GW still produce them.

Royal Naval Officer 18th Century

I also entered a piece at Salute this year based loosely around the film “House of the Flying Daggers”…I had difficulty in getting the bamboo right as you can see in the photo below.

House of the Flying Daggers

I also attended Games Day UK and entered two pieces in September…So far I’ve only photographed my vehicle entry. I had a Grot Bomber lying around in amongst my grey army and decided to do a simple conversion. I had the idea of Grots racing around a track, sort of Grot Prix..so I loosely based the conversion on a retro F1 car from the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s..

Converted Grot Bomber into a Grot F1 car….

A selection of miniatures painted in the last 12 months…

One of the ships from Dread Fleet

Christmas Tree Decoration from Scibor

That’s all for now folks…just realized I’ve painted more than this in the last 12 months, which means I need to get the old camera out and photograph some of them.


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