Blood Angels

29 Nov

For the last 2 years I’ve been painting a Blood Angel army, but I quickly became bored of them. So much so that I’ve decided to sell them on e-bay. So before I get rid of them for good I decided to photograph them for the blog.

It all started when I decided to paint up some Terminators from the Black Reach box set for Gamesday UK and the Golden Demon painting comp. They were never in any chance of winning or becoming a finalist for that matter, but the sheer act of trying to produce my best work for a painting comp helped to stretch my abilities and I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their painting skills to enter as many comps as possible.  So since starting this army I have improved significantly and this can be seen in the images posted here.

I tried my first attempt at battle damage on the Rhino and won a monthly painting comp with Sheffield Irregulars with the piece. So spurned on I continued developing my abilities and continued to paint the army. The problem was that after 6 months I was no longer in interested in painting armies, they are time consuming and the rising cost of building an army was lowering my motivation.

I continued with the project for another 12 months, with the amount of marines getting painted becoming less and less. Then recently I made the decision to reduce some of gaming stuff by getting rid (sell) items that I no longer play or have an interest in playing. I haven’t played 40K for a while, apart from skirmish versions, but this doesn’t require a massive army list and I had become bored of Space Marines, so I decided that they would go up for sale on E-bay.


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