Over the next 12 months I’m going to be attempting to paint my grey army, all that unpainted lead laying around the house. At the same time I’m on a mini purchasing ban. I can only accquire new minis through trading and being given some as gifts.

About Me (Jason Hubbard)

I’ve been a gamer for over 20 years, playing a variety of games, but have always come back to historical, due to my interest in history and archaeology. Recently (last year) I set up an on-line magazine, called Irregular, which I co-edit with a friend (Nick), as well as design the layout. I have also become a contributor on the wargame background for A Very British Civil War.

ECW Pikeman

I have a deep interest in the Sub Roman period of history, which is commonly known as the Dark Ages. Along with interests in Medieval combat and warfare, the Interwar period 1919-1938 and the Napoleonic Period though mostly the peninsular campaign.

This blog will chart my sucess and possible failure at trying to attempt the task.

Cheers Jason


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